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Appendix A of D-Jetronic article series by Dr-DJet lists all componets for injection and ignition of all Mercedes-Benz models. It is a sysiphos task to research and correct all those numbers and has taken a lot of time.


In order to have a properly running car, you should have the right components installed. That's why I have summed up all original and replacement components attached here. For convenience I have also attached ignition components as well as air and fuel filter. If you have the choice of one or more components, you will find years of usage and compatibility in remakrs. Original component in case of more than one possible is marked bold. Other Bosch numbers will then also work. Partially some bolts and latches will be missing on the housing, so that you have to find another way of fixing the housing of an ECU e.g. in a MB R/C107. Then I have commented in remarks field.

You will find a table for your car when you click on the car in below list. To create thos 15 tables I had to spend many weeks of efforts. If you find an error in those tables (and I am sure there will be with so many numbers), just drop me a hint. Of course I supply these tabeles without any warranties or liabilities. Sources are


  • Bosch Automotive Tradition Website
  • Bosch Customer Servie Manuals engines M110/M114 and M116/M117
  • Mercedes-Benz WIS-CD R/C107
  • "Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management" by Charles O. Probst
  • lots of own research and error corrections of above sources


Whoever searches D-Jetronic and ignition components or wants to get rid of some, may drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I test such compoentes on my test stand, make a protocol and put them aside. Sometimes my drawers are full and the best of all wives starts nagging. Then I have to get rid of some parts. I am always happy to help someone make his D-Jetronic treasure run again. I can test all components and repair or re-tune them.


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A.1: Tables of components per engine

Some hint for a start: Without JavaScript you cannot open any table. Content has been writen in HTML5. Older browsers may not support that. I have tested with Firefox 15 and Internet Explorer 9. If you want to search on all cars, first open all tables by clicking on all engines and use your browser search then. Tables will open at end of page.

One more hint on 8-cylinder ignition distributors. Bodies of 0 231 402 xxx distributors are always identical, same is valid for 0 231 403 xxx ones. They only vary in 3 attitudes: Distributor finger with revolution liwither, vacuum actuator and primary connection cable. You can change those parts and turn a 0 231 403 xxx into a 0 231 403 yyy. Often just changing primary connection line with capacitor is enough.

Which is your engine?

  • 250 CE: M114.980 in MB W114 Coupe
  • 280 (C)E: M110.981 in MB W114 Limousine & Coupe
  • 280 SE(L): M110.983 in MB W116
  • 280 SL(C): M110.982 in MB R/C107
  • 280 SE(L) 3.5: M116.980 in MB W108
  • 280SEC 3.5 & 300SEL 3.5 Europe: M116.980 in MB W111 and M116.981 in MB W109 Europa
  • 280SEC 3.5 & 300SEL 3.5 USA: M116.980 in MB W111 and M116.981 in MB W109 USA
  • 280 SE(L) 4.5 & 300 SE(L) 4.5 USA: M117.981 in MB W104 and M117.980 in MB W109 USA
  • 350SE(L): M116.983 in MB W116
  • 350 SL(C): M116.982 in MB R/C107
  • 450SE(L) Europe: M117.983 in MB W116 Europa
  • 450SEL USA: M117.983 in MB W116 USA
  • 450 SL(C) Europe: M117.982 in MB R/C107 Europa
  • 450 SL(C) & 350SL 4.5 USA: M117.982 in MB R/C107 USA
  • 450SLC Cat/Reactor USA: M117.982 in MB C107 USA with catalytic/reactor from 8/74

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    Wishing you a successful repair of your D-Jetronic, Dr-DJet

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