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We appreciate you made your way into Jetronic.orgforum and want to make you feel welcome here.
We strive for being a home to all classic car ignition and injections systems enthusiasts by offering them a portal for exchange of information and thoughts as well as technical discussions. It does not matter whether you already own a classic car, owned one once, plan to buy one or only pay interest to such cars. Joy about classic cars and conserving them shall be our focus.

Every single users can influence quality of this forum and quality of posts here. As in real world it is also true for this virtual forum space: wherever people come together and coomuncate with each other different views and opinions can occur. The larger the number of people the bigger the risk of such different opinions. On the other hand our SLpedia benefits form such a variety of opinions and discussions. That is why we ask you to carefully read our rules of conduct and later communicate accordingly. Thus wou will efficiently contribute an outstanding level of dicsussion and strengthen our community.

Being a new member in don't hesitate to introduce yourself in our forum VORSTELLUNG / INTRODUCTION. A few hints about yourself, your car and why you joined would be enough for a start. Such an introduction will let you step out of anonymity and your acceptance to other users will be quciker and smoother and finally their willingness to help you will increase. Would you go to a pub, sit down and start to jump into discussions without quickly introdcing yourself? No, see what I mean.
Please sign your posts with your first name, not with your username or nickname. If you want others associate a face with your username, you can show it on your avatar. You will find in your help section how to change signature and avatar in your profile.

Whenever you post to threads, please respect other's opinions, views and values. Quarrels, discrimination and brawl do not enrich a dicussion. It rather polarizes and divides posters and leads to no result at all.
Wenn Du dich an Beiträgen beteiligst, respektiere bitte Meinungen, Ansichten und Wertvorstellungen anderer. Streit, Diskriminierung und Zwist bereichern eine Diskussion nicht, sie spalten eher die Teilnehmer in Gruppen und führen zu keinem Resultat.
Never post anything that you would not dare to tell someone else publically in real life.

Writing a post
When posting in forum, please express your self in such a way that it is polite and easily understandable and never provoking. Share as much information as possible without getting out of hands if you expect a helpful answer. Already your headline will determine whether people read your thread. If for example you have a question about technical brake issues your feedback will be much more precise if you put it already in your headline. What sounds more promising? „Got a question“ oder „ABS light stays ON“.

Please do not post on subjects or topics that are far away from classic cars. Especially topics with political, racist, sexual or any content that insults or dicriminates people or groups are unwated in our SLpedia.
Please do not forget to sign your posts with your real firstname so that others replying need not call you "Hello Unknown" or by similiar words.

Doubble questions and posts has an easy use search feature. Before posting a new thread please verify whether it has not been asked by someone else earlier with plenty of answers. Even if a foreign topic may not contain your desired answer you may still revive it to get your answer. Thus youl will also ensure that information around a topic is condensed in one place and is not scattered over many different threads.

First read properly, then post
When answering to a post please ensure that you have read and understood thoroughly what was intended by the author. Ino our virtal reality it can quickly happen that we post something that will be completely misunderstood or wrongly interpreted. Even eomticons cannot avoid such misunderstandigs. Also CAPITALIZING of words and sentences is often understood as „shouting" even if you might just have intended to emphasize a section in text.
Even that we see it ever so often that people completely omit capital letters: It can be very exhausting to read such a post and is not appreciated by our forum members. Be careful in your answers to focus on what previous posts problem or qeustion was. Stick to the topic. Answers like "I am sorry for you but I cannot help" or "reading this I have a totally different question" will not help the previous author nor will they create any results.

Do never publish photos, graphs, texts or any documents that yre of 3rd party origin or are copyrighted by someone else. So any documents of copyrighte origin must not be published here. German law is very rigid on such subjects. You might face lawyers calling you to order or even asking compensation from you.

Rights of forum operator
Forum operator and admin is responsible for all the content in SLpedia. So please do not make his life more difficult than necessary and adhere to forum rules.
Admin reserves the right to remove any content that contains non-factual, offending, insulting or discriminating subjects or any posts vialating this netiquette. we also reserve the right to ban or cancel any user account whose owner (continuously) create the risk for operator to be involved in law suits or fincancial damage or if image, solidarity or the mission of this forum is in risk of being damaged.

Private messaging (PM)
Every user of our forum can exchange via private messages that are not shared with others. Please ensure that also this communication adheres to our netiquette same way as in our public forum.

In this spirit - Welcome on our SLpedia and a happy cooperation