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Chapter 14 of article series by Dr-DJet gives you a detailled checklist for ticking off every single action for a systematic test of your car. All actions are linked to descriptions in article series.


I am always questioned about systematic check lists and I used to forward to Bosch service manuals. Unfortunately Bosch Classic had first announced to improve and reprint these manuals and after 2 years of discussions obviouyly decided to not reprint them. They also do not allow me to provide them to you. (Please complain at Bosch Classic). Sometimes you can find these red booklets on eBay. But they do not have a list for ticking ogg and of course they do not mention ignition of false air. That is why I have made such a one sided check list for you. Many actions link to threads in my articel series, especially maintenance and fault searching. Also appendix B with a list of all ECU pinouts is important. After ticking off this list, then you will have done a thorough testing of your ignition and injection. If you still face a failure then it could only by ECU or MAP sensor. Thats what only professionals can test.

These check list is no replacement for Bosch service manuals. They are much more detailed and include wire drawings and pictures of component locations. I therfore highly recommend these to you, more than often incomplete car manufacturerer's manuals. Norbert can tell you a story how things went wrong with his Opel Diplomat and Opel manuals. Opel only describes early installations without full load contact in throtle switch. If you do not know that, you can become desperate with your car. Or it leads you to hunt details yourself, as Norbert has successfully done.

Download  PDF: 3756410172.JPG. Watch out: New version 1.2 of 3.Mar 2022, now with more links.

WIshing you succesful fault finding, Your Dr-DJet (Volker)

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