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Classic cars or - as we call them in Germany - Oldtimers and my bike are my great passion.

Doing a nice excursion with an open convertible or my bike in bright sunshine belongs to this passion as well as care taking or repairing my treasuers. Especially fuel injection and ignition was my soecial interest since I bought my fist Oldtimer in 2007, a Mercedes-Benz 450 SL from 1973. I followed my scientific curiosity to discover every special subject on Bosch's D-Jetronic and today I consider myself a specialist on that. With this series of D-Jetronic articles I try to stat a blog fo D-Jetronic cars of all vendors.



Reseach for these articles was exhausting and I hope you can use them and that they create value for you. Most articles are published in German language first and I will translate them piece by piece to English. Later I will also add aticles about ignition systems as they cannot be separately seen form ignition systems.


Volker Dr-DJet