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MAP tuning

4 weeks 7 hours ago #21489 by nsfx
MAP tuning was created by nsfx
Hi Volker
nearly finished Lancia restoration.
I have the engine running now.
It seems a little rich, soot on plugs.
My question is ;
is it possble to tune a MAP sensor using a wideband O2 sensor and controller ?
many thanks for your help.

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4 weeks 6 hours ago #21490 by Dr-DJet
Replied by Dr-DJet on topic MAP tuning
Hi Martin,

I do not think so. You have more than 1 adjustment screw as you have idle, part-load and full-load points at various rpm. A type 2 MAP sensor does not have a linear curve.

Having said that I highly recommend not to detune a working MAP sensor from 70s that holds vacuum. You most probaly have other issues to solve. Trying to overcome those problems by detuning your MAP sensor is a NO GO !

Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Dr-DJet Volker
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